Aug. 16th, 2010

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Pennsic was good. It was somehow more low key than year's past.

We found out Sunday that we were supposed to speak for Alexander on Tuesday at 8 a.m. Writer's block ensued but it suddenly came to me and I made him tear up. Gwynneth was a very tough act to follow, (duh!). His boots didn't make it on the plane so Vlad's boots were knighted. He really liked his houpplande. We played bait the Bloodguard a few times and had much entertainment.

Became an psychofant to the Honorable Mistress Viscountess Master Doctor Adjunct Professor BITCH.

The Queen's Tea was entertaining in a good way.

There wasn't as much stunning clothing on either end. Except for the gothic blonde. I don't think she was even sweaty.

I had other people to geek late period w/ which is new and fun for me.

Antonius is just as oblivious as V when it comes to women and V actually broke that mold and noticed someone noticing him. A also discovered string and was gleeful.

I did not get to visit with as many people as I would have like but got to know some locals much better.

There was more socialization under the big top this year. Game night went well.

The woods was the only battle that didn't start w/in 5 minutes of the published time and that was because of a medical hold.

The A&S display was amazing. I consider displaying but I am so not worthy and might kill people after that many hours.

It was humid but not too hot.

Ivetta will likely never go back, but I was glad she was there this year. We learned to make multi-colored knots together. We need to check to see if we can do better drunk because it can't get any worse.

The smokehouse burger apparently makes you largely immune to alcohol except for a very inopportune 5 minutes. I however did not spill cranberry juice on TRM, win!

Apparently wearing V's tunic and pants makes me invisible.


It's hard to herald in a corset and project well, esp. when you've never seen the scrolls. My friends are amazing and talented. I see a metal working project in my future. And it makes V a Commodore and me an Admiral.

We are unpacked except for laundry because they closed the laundromat in Roseville while we were gone. I hope to get all that done tonight and put away.

I love my I-Pass.


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