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Monday was challenging.  V met me a work at 3:30 and we left to look at houses. Rushed home, swept the "Dog Hair That Takes Over the World" and left just as someone arrived to look at our house.  Found sustenance, went home.  Started soup bones boiling for Tuesday's soup.  Folded last of laundry.  Trimmed hem on new gown to deal w/ cutting fail.*  Finally sat down at 8:30 w/ embroidery.  Managed to stay awake for approximately 10 minutes.  Woke up for Castle (sorta).  Went to bed after.  Overall not a good effort.  OTOH house is spotless.

Tuesday made up for Monday.  I updated my brickwork handout and began offering that koolaid around,  Friends came over and I tweaked the fit of a kirtle for one and we got the outer cut out as well as all her fabric inventoried.  She has a very good basis for a wardrobe.  Also drooled over 15th c HRE manuscript.  Another friend helped me tweak the fit of my new gown and marked it to help me fix cutting fail.  Everyone uses a spinning laser level to mark hems, don't they?

* My gowns normally puddle, I wanted a slightly longer train on this one so I added 5" to the back body panels and gores.  Except somewhere there was a brain fart so I added 5" to the front body panels.  It's still long enough but I wanted longer.  My solution to add a wide (10+) inch band around entire hem.  That means I cut the front off and gradually add it to the side panels and by the time I get to the back it's longer by the band width.  I get the train I want and have a moreineresting gown.
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So I've been bitching about how I can't seem to remember to take my drugs when I'm giving Lobo his.  This morning I finally remembered.  I got out his drugs.  I got out my drugs.  I filled the water.  I grabbed the ham and cream cheese.  I took his drugs.  I put my vitamin in the cream cheese and realized that I'm an idiot.  Took my vitamin.  Dug out more drugs for Lobo.  Called nurse line to confirm it's no big deal.  How's your day going?

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Art Every Day Month* is in November. [info]kimikosews is the whose journal I first saw it in, and I like the idea, especially since I don't write and therefore am not involved in NaNoWriMo - but always found it interesting those who do make that effort.

I'm hoping to finish some UFO's as well as my brickwork bag.  I did an inventory and have fewer UFO than I thought, mostly, because some are in storage.

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Lobo is recovering after the addition of a steroid to his antibiotic, antihistamine ,antifungal cocktail.  I had to make a chart to figure out when to give him what and apparently dosing the dog twice a day makes it impossible to dose myself twice a day.  Logically, I would do it at the same time.  In practice it doesn't work so well.  I have discovered the ultimate delivery vehicle for his drugs is sticking them in a bit of cream cheese and then wrapping that in a piece of ham.  He's runs to the kitchen when he hears me get the stuff out and begs for them.  That's a win at least.  He's dealing w/ the cone well except the last few days.  55 mph wind gust plus a dog w/ a cone on his head makes for an unhappy dog.  One gust yesterday morning lifted him up a wee bit.  I think he was trying to imitate Dorothy in order to get his own ruby slippers.

I am working on a brickwork bag for myself.  I intended to do one after Ivetta's but was a bit burned out.  This one is a more intricate yet subtler pattern.  I am completely obsessed.  It has 8 repeats and I figured it would take me 5 days per repeat.  I'm almost done w/ number three and I've been working on it for a week.  I would have finished that one  but we rescued a friend w/ car problems last night and it cut into my stitching time.  I went through my first 30 m of linen thread and am part way through the second which was a partial.  I just got a notice that the additional stuff I ordered is on back order, blergh!  The goal is to do a collar and cuff bands for V for his Landsknect stuff next and then if I'm not burned out (not likely) get a set done for me too.  I'm thinking the bag is going to take around 100 hours and since I haven't picked out designs for the sets yet I'm not sure how long they will take. This is all part of the Spring Crown outfits.
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For your viewing pleasure.

Lobo's learning to navigate better.  He's running into fewer walls and doorways and can actually make it all the way up the stairs w/o face planting.  Things I've learned:  A cone of shame is a great megaphone for dog snoring and it gives him a breath weapon +2.  I hope he heals fast.
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I was somewhat cryptic in my post last week but have permission to share all the details.  Griffin and Lisette (Gordon and Nola)  from Mare Am have a 19 month old daughter Kaasandra with cancer.  They are all now in London Ont and best case scenario they will be there for a month.  If you want to follow the details online you can go to!/pages/Kassandra-Robitaille-Support-Page/154313381273212 or  They really appreciate all the support they have been getting.  I was worried about overwhelming them with contact but it's much of what keeping them going.  So if you have a moment feel free to drop a note.  They are both amazingly tough people and are handling this really well but knowing they have support helps.

Better now

Oct. 15th, 2010 09:41 pm
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Venting into the world helped.  Lobo is apparently having an allergic reaction to something so we have 10 day course of antihistamines and antibiotics.  He had to get his butt shaved since he was gnawing on a hot spot so I could put a topical on it.  Add the cone of shame and he really pathetic and hilarious right now.   Because of the length of his nose it's really big and he's having a hard time w/ stairs and keep running into things. I'm sure he'll adjust in the next day or so.

Hat help

Oct. 11th, 2010 09:51 am
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Some of you might have seen V's new hat at Crown. Here's a link you'll have to crete a login if you don't have one already. It was based on a hat from depictions of Vlad Tepes (1431-1476) but those depictions are late 16th century, which is why I made it.  I'm interested in the ones in the top row. I'm trying to figure out what to use for the white thing that sticks up behind the series of five pearls. It looks like horsehair or bristle to me but I'm open to other interpretations and all ideas.


Sep. 3rd, 2010 09:14 am
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Just setting up over here for now since a few of my friends are here. I don't post much in LJ so don't expect much here.
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Anybody need anything from Fire Mountain? My usual enabler/buddy is good for now and I want/need some stuff before Coronation. I'm at 15 now and would love to hit over 50.
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Pennsic was good. It was somehow more low key than year's past.

We found out Sunday that we were supposed to speak for Alexander on Tuesday at 8 a.m. Writer's block ensued but it suddenly came to me and I made him tear up. Gwynneth was a very tough act to follow, (duh!). His boots didn't make it on the plane so Vlad's boots were knighted. He really liked his houpplande. We played bait the Bloodguard a few times and had much entertainment.

Became an psychofant to the Honorable Mistress Viscountess Master Doctor Adjunct Professor BITCH.

The Queen's Tea was entertaining in a good way.

There wasn't as much stunning clothing on either end. Except for the gothic blonde. I don't think she was even sweaty.

I had other people to geek late period w/ which is new and fun for me.

Antonius is just as oblivious as V when it comes to women and V actually broke that mold and noticed someone noticing him. A also discovered string and was gleeful.

I did not get to visit with as many people as I would have like but got to know some locals much better.

There was more socialization under the big top this year. Game night went well.

The woods was the only battle that didn't start w/in 5 minutes of the published time and that was because of a medical hold.

The A&S display was amazing. I consider displaying but I am so not worthy and might kill people after that many hours.

It was humid but not too hot.

Ivetta will likely never go back, but I was glad she was there this year. We learned to make multi-colored knots together. We need to check to see if we can do better drunk because it can't get any worse.

The smokehouse burger apparently makes you largely immune to alcohol except for a very inopportune 5 minutes. I however did not spill cranberry juice on TRM, win!

Apparently wearing V's tunic and pants makes me invisible.


It's hard to herald in a corset and project well, esp. when you've never seen the scrolls. My friends are amazing and talented. I see a metal working project in my future. And it makes V a Commodore and me an Admiral.

We are unpacked except for laundry because they closed the laundromat in Roseville while we were gone. I hope to get all that done tonight and put away.

I love my I-Pass.
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but he's my dork.

What appeared on my desk:

What the card said:

ETA: Apparently this caused some confusion and a long silence at the florist.
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Is there any place in the Twin Cities I can get linen sewing thread?


Jun. 7th, 2010 07:09 pm
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Just got back from Target. At the front of the line was a boy about 10. The next in line was a guy about 40 and then me. Boy puts up a skateboard and it rings up at 14.99. He looks crushed. He says very politely, "It thought it was $10, I mowed lawn all weekend to save for it." Woman behind the counter says, "sorry it isn't on sale anymore" grabs it and tucks it under and tells him he'll have to come back with more money. He thanks her politely but looks ready to cry as he walks out. Guy in front of me yells for the kid to come here. He tells the kid he'll pay the rest if the kid want the skateboard. Checkout lady tried to talk him out of it. His response. "I can afford it and I'm using a gift card I got for my birthday. I'm buying toilet bowl cleaner and underwear. Don't you think bringing joy into someone life is a better use for a birthday gift?"
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Day, L.F. and M. Buckle. 1907. Art in needlework: A book about
embroidery. London: B.T. Batsford. (PDF at Google Books).
(accessed 17 August 2008)

Jourdain, M. 1912. The history of English secular embroidery. NY:
E.F. Dutton & Company. (PDF at Google Books)

Lambert, Miss F. 1849. The hand-book of Needlework. NY: Wiley & Putnam.,M1

Townsend, G.P. 1907. Embroidery -OR- The craft of the needle.
London: Truelove and Hanson, Ltd. (PDF at Google Books.)

Errera, I. Collection de broderies anciennes descrites par madame
Isabelle Errera.

The last three have links to Online Period Pattern Books. There are
some at the Arizona Library as well. There's all *kinds* of good
stuff there -- and not just weaving!

House quiz

May. 18th, 2010 09:49 pm
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Still not homeless, but an interesting house popped up for sale. One of the pluses about it: I would rarely have to give directions. So for the locals, if I told you I lived in the first house north of the Source on the same side of the road, how many of you could drive right to it? Then again I might have to add The Source as a permanent line item in our budget.

I'm a dork

May. 3rd, 2010 10:15 am
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I realize this isn't news to any of you. It comes in handy sometimes. Like when you realize that you've lost enough weight that your pants are a safety hazard. A sewing kit means that the chances of doing a header down the stairs are greatly reduced. Aaah Monday.

Geek link!

Apr. 27th, 2010 12:06 pm
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Free from costume magazine:
The 'pair of straight bodies' and 'a pair of drawers' dating from 1603 which Clothe the Effigy of Queen Elizabeth I in Westminster Abbey
Author: Arnold, Janet
Source: Costume, 2007 , pp. 1-10(10)

Plus the entire 2008 edition is available free:

Sorry feeling to ooky to do cut tags.
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We went rollerblading on Friday around Como. As I was coming up behind someone I yelled, "On your left." She had earphones in and didn't hear me, and at the worst possible second moved to the left and bent down to tie her shoe. I removed the skin from both my knees, and had to remove rocks from both palms. My right shoulder was stiff all weekend from impact. By the time I got home yesterday my right knee was swollen and warm. Ibuprofen and elevation helped but it's still fairly stiff. I'm keeping up w/ Ibu all day and elevating it occasionally. I really don't remember scrapes hurting this bad when I was a kid, although V says it might be the worst he's ever seen. I have had worse. I think I'm just getting old and wimpy.

I'm going to Kay's to work on banners tonight and bringing my sleeves to cut out. My table isn't big enough and I'm definitely in a no crawl zone right now. Otherwise things are coming together well for Crown. I assembled the skirt and skirt lining last night and have them hanging for the next couple days before I attach them together. I finished the shift embroidery and just need to attach the collar and cuffs. The farthingale is almost done and really I spent much much more time angsting about it than I did working on it. It would have been done already but when I tried to find something to round the ends of the spring steel lumber strapping, the only thing I could find were the 36" bolt cutters. Not exactly a precision instrument. We have a ton of shears in storage but I'm not confident that I have the hand strength to make then work anyway. One of the angle grinders was in V's car so he took care of it for me on Sunday. I would really like to sell my house just so I can get things out of storage and have the tools I need for a job. Kay has been awesome about lending me things and space but it would be nice to just do things at home.

And of course now that I got things laid out nicely I just got a call for a showing so need to go stash everything away again. I'm mostly happy that people are looking but I'm getting really sick of the disruptions. I just want it gone and my stuff back.
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Period shoes
A guy on the armourarchive is doing a group order. I've done it before and been really happy. The shoes are $40/ pair; full sizes only. Shipping is $7 for the first pair and $3 for each additional pair. All shoes come in natural, brown and black and the laced and buckled boots also come in red!! and blue. I'm getting a brown or black pair of turnshoes and a red pair of buckled ankle boots.
They've done some reviews here:
They're not perfect but for the money are good enough for me.


Other shoe suppliers (not a comprehensive list and various quality, judge for yourself):

Very nice high end stuff: (custom only)