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Monday was challenging.  V met me a work at 3:30 and we left to look at houses. Rushed home, swept the "Dog Hair That Takes Over the World" and left just as someone arrived to look at our house.  Found sustenance, went home.  Started soup bones boiling for Tuesday's soup.  Folded last of laundry.  Trimmed hem on new gown to deal w/ cutting fail.*  Finally sat down at 8:30 w/ embroidery.  Managed to stay awake for approximately 10 minutes.  Woke up for Castle (sorta).  Went to bed after.  Overall not a good effort.  OTOH house is spotless.

Tuesday made up for Monday.  I updated my brickwork handout and began offering that koolaid around,  Friends came over and I tweaked the fit of a kirtle for one and we got the outer cut out as well as all her fabric inventoried.  She has a very good basis for a wardrobe.  Also drooled over 15th c HRE manuscript.  Another friend helped me tweak the fit of my new gown and marked it to help me fix cutting fail.  Everyone uses a spinning laser level to mark hems, don't they?

* My gowns normally puddle, I wanted a slightly longer train on this one so I added 5" to the back body panels and gores.  Except somewhere there was a brain fart so I added 5" to the front body panels.  It's still long enough but I wanted longer.  My solution to add a wide (10+) inch band around entire hem.  That means I cut the front off and gradually add it to the side panels and by the time I get to the back it's longer by the band width.  I get the train I want and have a moreineresting gown.


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