Feb. 12th, 2010 12:17 am
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Today felt like Friday all day so I took tomorrow off. I have 57 hours in for the week already, I deserve it right?
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Think of him as a cat who just dumped mouse guts on your doorstep. Might not be what you've always dreamed of receiving, but it's still a gesture of love.

Inspire me

Jan. 19th, 2010 10:31 am
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I found some lovely garnet red velvet. I haven't bought it becasue it hasn't spoken to me to tell me what it should be. V thinks I need to buy it because I will regret it of I don't. So inspire me. What should I make from it?

The plan

Jan. 14th, 2010 08:54 am
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Go out to eat with Kay and Joel come home, fold two loads of laundry and finish getting the house spotless for showing (#61) today, watch TV w/ V. Get up w/ Vlad and mop floors before work.

The reality. Go out to eat, fold one load of laundry, dose off on the couch watching TV. Stagger to bed at 10. Sleep through V's alarm and my alarm. Get up grab cereal crawl back in bed, fall asleep again 'til 8:30. Call in dead.

New plan: Walk The Boo. Go back to bed. Attempt coherence again in a couple hours. Wish me luck.
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Does anyone know where I can get a headband w/ antenna w/ stars (preferably sparkly) on the ends before the weekend? I have a evil plot.

ETA: Pixel for the win! I got sequin and LEDs and feathers on the stars at Party City.
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in my first accident with my plow. (I'm fine) I was sitting a red light and a SUV with bald tires bounced off my wing. Very minor damage. V was plowing at another shop and never listens to the main channels on the radio so I figured he wouldn't know. Wrong! Apparently one of his co-workers, who was at yet another shop, recognized mt voice and busted me. But at least I wasn't the one who hit a bridge and dumped my (brand new) truck on 35W. I'll post a picture later.

I'm on a break now but the 12 hour days will be continuing for quite awhile. It's going to turn into a skating rink out there as soon as the temp drops so be careful and drive safe.

Merry Christmas.

Job stuff

Dec. 21st, 2009 01:18 pm
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So officially my one year training in Design is up tomorrow. They offered to hire me and we've been going through the process for awhile but they move at the speed of government. I've been agitating for a few days to find out whether I clean out my desk and go back to Maintenance until it's resolved or they extend my training or whatever. When I got in this morning I looked at the weather and made some phone calls assuming I would be plowing tomorrow. They just got back to me. I have the job as of Weds. but for me to be eligible I need to go back to Maintenance for a day. Which means tomorrow I'm officially working for them (which I would have been anyway because of the snow) and as of Weds I'm officially here (but likely will be plowing again anyway). It's poetic since my first official day here training I was there plowing anyway.

So to recap: full time office job now, still plowing.

ION: we're 1 of 2 choices for the buyers on Sat and haven't heard more, but have two more showings today.

Random update: We bought a small dump truck with a hoist yesterday. I was the only family member not to have one, now I belong.

Since with the forecast I don't expect to be back at a computer regularly for awhile, have a safe and happy holiday all.
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From yesterday's showing:

Agent Comments: I will be scheduling a 2nd showing for Saturday the 19th. This is one of 3 houses my client would like to see again.

This would make for a very merry Christmas. I got really grumpy this morning walking Lobo. I am really sick of walking the dog every morning in the cold (V does night walk and we share afternoon walks). I hate mornings and I hate cold. I've been doing this since the week after WW and I'm tired of it. The cold has been starting to trigger my asthma so I'll buy a scarf tonight (because all mine are in storage) and I'll be fine. Actually the grumpy already passed.

In happy news V bought me a jewelry armoire for Christmas. He gave it to me already so tonight I get to organize my accessories. I also bought enough plastic shoe boxes so I can sort and label all my veils etc. I have Joel's label maker. I love it and need my own.
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The problem with working w/ tool using primates and being accepted as capable means you have to change your own @#$%@^@ tire in the cold. (I hate changing tires.) For the record V offered to come change it but it's silly to have him come when I can do it myself before he gets there.

If you have car problems and leave you car parked for hours along side the road during a storm, do not leave your hood up. We won't slow down and your engine gets covered with snow.

Still not homeless. But I'm really happy for friends, one who sold her house and one who bought a new one.

I absolutely looooove this shift. I'm working noon-midnight this year. Which means I get warned the day before and can sleep in. Also we cook most shifts and if we don't places are open you can get food aren't gas stations, none of which are open on my route from midnight until 5am. The boss is also more realistic

Today should be my last long day so I'll get home at midnight and actually be able to see my husband.

Our "new" work snowblower rocks. It will throw snow 150+ feet and will eat leaf springs, although sometimes they come out the chute sideways and some welding needs to be done.


Nov. 24th, 2009 01:33 pm
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I got this from gwyneth1362 If you want to play, leave a comment that says "Resistance is Futile" and I will leave you five questions.

Here are my questions and answers from missdoom:

1. How did you get involved with SCA?

Vlad had too much energy and was playing volleyball 3 or 4 days a week. The SCA was something we could do together and waste some of his energy. For him it was love at first site. It took longer for me to warm up to it.

2. What keeps you playing in the SCA?

The people and the fact that I haven't made one of everything yet.

3. If you couldn't live in Northshield, what kingdom would you want to live in and why.

That's tough, possibly Alantia. They seem to have a good group of serious re-enactors and there events are much closer together.

4. Whats the best thing about Nordskogen?

The depth and breath. I have yet to have a question that someone local couldn't help me with. There are better specific experts elsewhere but there is always someone here who can point you in the right direction. It's also really nice to have a deep talent pool when picking an event staff.

5. What one thing have you always wanted to do that would surprise your friends?

I'm not sure what I could do to surprise my friends although holding a formal dinner party w/ all the trappings might do it since I'm usually really informal and I have everything to do it except space right now.


Oct. 8th, 2009 03:06 pm
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There's nothing like spending most of an hour laying facedown on a porch balancing on your hips and finishing concrete under the porch to help you identify EVERY muscle in your core.  I felt pretty good this morning, but the day spent sitting on the chair is killing me.
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I discovered packing out my house that I am missing two books:
Museum of London: Shoes and Pattens
Medieval Life and Leisure in the Devonshire Hunting Tapestries (Victoria and Albert Museum Studies)

Did I lend them to someone out there?
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In an effort to keep the lines of communications flowing and keeping peace in the world, I thought I should share this site with you.  Enjoy.
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There's nothing like staggering out to get your bowl of morning Cheerios and stepping in dog vomit which sends you skiing across the room into the dishwasher to start your morning on the right note.


Sep. 10th, 2009 09:44 am
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You would think that they could warn you not to stop in the bathroom when you are sent to HR out of the blue when they need you for a whiz quiz.  Also it's best not to do this 20 minutes before you are supposed to leave.  Granted, the worry is that the info will cause you to do something, (what pull out the bag of urine you have on a warmer on your desk?) but the send someone to escort the candidate.  I was the 4th person in a row that stopped yesterday on my way upstairs.  Then I got to down 5 glasses of water really quick.  Glad I don't have a long commute.

Rearranging my night stand is not an option.  My alarm clock needs to be a precise angle and distance from the bed or the following can happen: knocking the clock off the night stand into the drawer, hitting the page button on the cordless phone so all the phones in the house start to beep, knocking glasses under the bed, general flailing about, knocking lamp off table so it's too dark to find your @#$^@$#^ glasses so you can correct your situation, annoying your husband and dog.

I never did a Pennsic summary but my favorite Overheard at Pennsic:
"John's really into S&M"
"Well maybe if we slap a collar on him, he'll do his F#$^&%#g camp chores."
Later, at Vlad's ,watching some random guy walk by..
"I don't think he did his camp chores."

The former owners of the house left us all the paint for touch-ups.  I have used it on and off and didn't think it was too bad an idea until I realized that there are 5 shades of tan/brown that don't actually exist anywhere in the house.  That doesn't include the 4 shades that do exist.

I now despise driving cars.  I feel like my butt is dragging on the ground and I can't see anything.  Here's hoping gas prices stay reasonable.

My husband confessed an unreasonable hatred of  "tupperware".  It gives him great pleasure to throw it away, so he's now in charge of periodically going through the drawer and throwing away the orphans.  It's the simple things in life.


Sep. 4th, 2009 02:11 pm
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Hello from the graveyard that is my office on this last official day of summer.

Apparently I have a need for fussy projects in my life. The week after last Crown I started planning the outfit for Fall Crown. The planning document is three pages and includes embedded Excel and CADD files. The house has taken way more of my time and energy than I ever thought so I really don't expect to get it done at this point, but that won't stop me from blathering about it here. I am making a Spanish ensemble from ~1590.   One of the ones that have the floor length big open sleeves.   It started when Ivetta bought me 6 yars of bubble gum pink silk.  Now I realize that BG pink isn't the most appropriate color for this outfit,  that is what the fabric said it was supposed to be.  It also said it needed more silk so I obliged.  I had the perfect weight linen for lining in my stash as well as a gorgeous forest green really light weight wool for sleeve linings.  I also had a great white silk satin for the undersleeves and black silk for their lining already.  I decided to couch black cord on them since I couldn't find a gold cord I liked at all.   I found the lace for the ruffs on clearance at Hancock and made my own spangles.  I found a gorgeous almost translucent linen for the shift and bought matching pink silk floss for the embroidery.  Then other things got in the way and I stopped.

Last week I finally got started again.  I'm copying a shift from PoF 4.  Each of the pieces are finished individually using a decorative stitch around the edges and then interlaced together.  I started w/ an underarm gusset first.  It took me 2 hours!  This is when I realized that I probably wouldn't get this outfit done for Crown.  Well, not surprisingly, my speed improved w/ repetition and I now have both sleeves, both underarm gussets and the front body panel w/ attached gores finished.  I hope to finish the second one and the neck gussets by the end of the weekend.   Then I have to embroider the neckband cuffs and placket w/ pinks and peapods.  That just leaves the attaching, which is really fast since it's really just lacing.  It's really turning out well.  I also think I'm somewhat crazy since you will not actually anything except for a glimpse of the cuffs and maybe the neck embroidery only if my collar isn't closed. 

I ran to Michaels over lunch and looked at their Christmas ribbon on a whim.  I found 10 yd. spools of a reasonable 2.5 wide gold lace for $10.  To get that look I was going to place (by hand) four rows of narrower lace trim on the Spanish.  I bought one and am taking it home to see if I can make it behave around corners.  If s,o one more roll will be all I need.  Plus I got a 40% off coupon for next week.  This means I might actually get my Spanish done for Crown and spend $80 buck less.  Yay!  I have decided to not stress about it.  If I don't get it done I'll wear the one outfit that isn't in storage and call it good.

An idea

Aug. 17th, 2009 02:38 pm
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I was having a chat with Kay about coronets. I an thinking that there should be some mechanism for re-selling used coronets. What do you do with your County when you get a Duchy, what if you go from Elizabethan to early period and your hat just isn't right? What if you're just tired of it? Is there something in place, besides word of mouth? I'm just curious about what others think of the idea, whether you have a hat or not. Would you use it for buying or selling?
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I was just reminded to post this site. They sell buttons only by the gross but when you need a ton os matching buttons here is your source:
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Well, last week was less productive then I would have liked, but crap happens. Friday I went to Home Depot and Menard's and spent alot of money and time. I filled two carts at each and got fencing, paint, polyurathane, cermaic tiles and associated stuff to attach them, ceiling tile, hardwood flooring and various and sundry litlle things. I dropped off the trailer at home and went to pick up the rental tiller. It was huge. I think you could have mounted a seat on it. Vlad tilled the yard while I pulled weeds and cleaned up edges and stuff. Then we watered our dirt and went to bed.

Saturday we sodded. It went amazingly fast even after we had to remove almost a pickup load of extra dirt the guy who fixed our sewer added. This winter we started to replace our kitchen tiles and determined that under multiple layers of guh we had hardwod sowe ripped out everything over it. Saturday afternoon we tore out the bad bits of hardwood in the kitchen.

Sunday we replaced the bits and dissassembled the kitchen. My stove and dishwasher now live in my front porch. Then we built our airlocks, sanded down the floor and then cleaned up. To add to the craziness we had 10 extra bodies over for cards on Sunday and fed them too. I puttered with stuff. Kay was wonderful enough to keep me going and somewhat focused and to wash my walls and cupboards.

Vlad left for another week in Duluth yesterday morning. I discovered that my putting a leash on Lobo transforms him into a morning person. It does not help me. So Lobo took me for a morning drag. Came home fromm work and discovered the neighbor is putting her trash in my cans and piling extra outside my cans. A friend came over and we removed more dirt. We took a overloaded pickup load o'dirt and traded it for a load of rock and mulch. Then we mulched. The bed on the side of the house only had flowers for about 40% of it length so we dug all the day lilles that had escaped over the lawn edging and filled up the rest of the bed. Then we moved rock. After I sent Jeff home I built myself a bridge to get from back porch to shower. Dog was tied to bed with enough slack to give him access to most everything but the kitchen. Coat 1 of poly was added to the floor. I realized that the only way from the shower to the bedroom is through the yard. Set my alarm for 1 am to add second coat of poly. Talk to husband, collapse. Spend 18 minutes in middle of the night adding more poly to floor.

Today and probably tomorrow, pack up and empty back porch, remove current floor to prep for ceramic tile. Thursday pack up books and clean upstairs. Friday through Sunday: tile floor and finsh a bunch of other projects and hopefully get all extra stuff out of house. Mon-Thursday: clean. Thursday afternoon: leave for Pennsic. Friday: arrive, setup camp, collapse and possibly drink heavily.


Jul. 13th, 2009 07:06 pm
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Vlad is in Duluth for the week, and the next week and the week after that. I'm frantically trying to get stuff done on the house. The starter on the loaner truck just went out on me!!!! I killed it at a light ad it wouldn't disengage when I restarted it even after I turned off the key so I burnt i out. Luckily it was only a couple blocks from home and I could get everything in the car that couldn't live in the truck. I need the truck to get my black dirt and mulch this week as well as to pick up the tiller and the sod for the weekend. I really don't want to deal with it right now, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow so I probably won't want to be in the rain learning to change a starter either. I'm tired and cranky and don't have time for this.

Update: I have a bad attitude, a split lip, cramped shoulders and grease under my fingernails, but the truck has a new starter. Did I mention my husband is in a jacuzzi in Duluth?