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Lobo is recovering after the addition of a steroid to his antibiotic, antihistamine ,antifungal cocktail.  I had to make a chart to figure out when to give him what and apparently dosing the dog twice a day makes it impossible to dose myself twice a day.  Logically, I would do it at the same time.  In practice it doesn't work so well.  I have discovered the ultimate delivery vehicle for his drugs is sticking them in a bit of cream cheese and then wrapping that in a piece of ham.  He's runs to the kitchen when he hears me get the stuff out and begs for them.  That's a win at least.  He's dealing w/ the cone well except the last few days.  55 mph wind gust plus a dog w/ a cone on his head makes for an unhappy dog.  One gust yesterday morning lifted him up a wee bit.  I think he was trying to imitate Dorothy in order to get his own ruby slippers.

I am working on a brickwork bag for myself.  I intended to do one after Ivetta's but was a bit burned out.  This one is a more intricate yet subtler pattern.  I am completely obsessed.  It has 8 repeats and I figured it would take me 5 days per repeat.  I'm almost done w/ number three and I've been working on it for a week.  I would have finished that one  but we rescued a friend w/ car problems last night and it cut into my stitching time.  I went through my first 30 m of linen thread and am part way through the second which was a partial.  I just got a notice that the additional stuff I ordered is on back order, blergh!  The goal is to do a collar and cuff bands for V for his Landsknect stuff next and then if I'm not burned out (not likely) get a set done for me too.  I'm thinking the bag is going to take around 100 hours and since I haven't picked out designs for the sets yet I'm not sure how long they will take. This is all part of the Spring Crown outfits.
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