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We went rollerblading on Friday around Como. As I was coming up behind someone I yelled, "On your left." She had earphones in and didn't hear me, and at the worst possible second moved to the left and bent down to tie her shoe. I removed the skin from both my knees, and had to remove rocks from both palms. My right shoulder was stiff all weekend from impact. By the time I got home yesterday my right knee was swollen and warm. Ibuprofen and elevation helped but it's still fairly stiff. I'm keeping up w/ Ibu all day and elevating it occasionally. I really don't remember scrapes hurting this bad when I was a kid, although V says it might be the worst he's ever seen. I have had worse. I think I'm just getting old and wimpy.

I'm going to Kay's to work on banners tonight and bringing my sleeves to cut out. My table isn't big enough and I'm definitely in a no crawl zone right now. Otherwise things are coming together well for Crown. I assembled the skirt and skirt lining last night and have them hanging for the next couple days before I attach them together. I finished the shift embroidery and just need to attach the collar and cuffs. The farthingale is almost done and really I spent much much more time angsting about it than I did working on it. It would have been done already but when I tried to find something to round the ends of the spring steel lumber strapping, the only thing I could find were the 36" bolt cutters. Not exactly a precision instrument. We have a ton of shears in storage but I'm not confident that I have the hand strength to make then work anyway. One of the angle grinders was in V's car so he took care of it for me on Sunday. I would really like to sell my house just so I can get things out of storage and have the tools I need for a job. Kay has been awesome about lending me things and space but it would be nice to just do things at home.

And of course now that I got things laid out nicely I just got a call for a showing so need to go stash everything away again. I'm mostly happy that people are looking but I'm getting really sick of the disruptions. I just want it gone and my stuff back.
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